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  • Timely and Accurate Diagnosis just Like Race with Life

    On the basis of an individual person suffers sickness or accident harm and has obtained diagnosis (i.e., the first medical opinion), providing professional written medical advice. Mainly for endangering life or change disease’s life state, such as cancer, benign tumor, congenital heart disease and etc.

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  • “E-techco’s China Dream, Human Being’s Health Dream”

    Building enterprise core competitive ability attentively, using international scientific management method and global medical technology resources to promote enterprise's social value, aiming to promote the improvement of medical care in the whole society to make continuous efforts and forge ahead, realizing E-techco Group’s China dream - human being’s health dream.

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About E-techco
E-techco Group was founded in 2003 with the registered capital of 200 millions. E-techco Group provides outside hospital patients, patients with chronic diseases, older adults and sub healthy group health management services, such as: health data acquisition, health risk assessment, the third party medical image and chronic disease intervention, pre-hospital counseling instructions, rehabilitation etc. and provides network technology support, database maintenance and operation services for tertiary medical system.
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